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About the Artist

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Random Fact About Me:
My first subject I began in the art world was a landscape and a hot air balloon

Welcome to my page and taking the time to learn your artist!

My name is Olga Alexandra Harrison. I was born in California right at the New Year of '99 and have strong roots running to Ukraine. Growing up my mother and babushka called me their матрёшка {or Matryoshka, little matron, Russian nesting doll} and I always had the handmade dolls wherever I went. I moved around plenty but the main thing that always remained consistent was my art. Spent many years exploring my style with painting and other media. I focus heavily on painting and more recently the digital form

My love of painting was very much influenced by my love for animals. Pet portraits were what really spurred my aspirations at the beginning of being a freelancer. I am primarily a photo realism artist that loves to add twists, whether it be a pop of color, floral design, or that extra touch of sparkle to really take the one-of-a-kind piece to a unique level.

I also enjoy the simplicity of life where I can bring out those in-depth colors out and capture the moment forever on the canvas.

In my personal journey I, along with fine arts, carry a passion for the world of beauty. I incorporate my skills as a makeup artist and am able to transform clients as a part of a boudoir experience. Being able to take different aspects of my life and bring it together in a beautiful way that others can cherish is what I've worked so long for. Any painting I create is made with true love and carries its own story, and I am committed to always keep creating 


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