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Welcome to the New Shop!

Want to see a whole new side of Matryoshka Creations? A year ago I dove into the world of digital and am ready to create something for you that can be a little more quickly delivered with the use of digital files! All options here, once finished drawing, will be sent straight to your email ready to be printed.









Characterized Pet

Pet Wallpapers

Faux Portraits

Take a photo of your pet and I'll transform them into a stylized linework piece. All embellishments can be customized along with color accents

Who wouldn't want to see their pet every time they look at their home screen? This way you always have them close by. Your design can be totally custom whether you want to lean realistic or stylized

Digitally drawn but looks like a painting! Send me a moment (or moments!) of your choosing and we can create something so fun








*Per Person*

Line Work Design


Avatar Yourself!

Have an idea and don't want a portrait but want something cool? This is your spot. We can consult together on what you're looking for or even just go random!

So simple yet so cute! These little pet heads can be stickers, pop sockets, or magnets if you so please! The file can be added to most things custom if you want to take your design out to some merch producers!

want to spice up your social page and stand out from the usual? We can design an on brand piece that will make people recognize you on the feed. Attach your social tag and I will check out your page!

**These are digital files. Printing is done on your end as you please. Just note there is no physical copy. Prices set and subject to change as artist sees fit. Enjoy!

thumbnail_Untitled_Artwork (9)_edited.jpg
Digital Design Inquiry
Which Design Style did you have in mind?

Inquiring will start your FREE consultation for whichever design option you choose, allow 4-5 business days to respond. Once a design is determined, payment must be completed in full before beginning. You will receive updates on your design, and allotted 2 times to request changes after a final image is shown. Depending on demand, turnaround time is guesstimated 2-3 weeks

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